**My "home base" is the road**


Schaumburg 7/22 (eve) - 7/25 (noon)

Grand Rapids 7/26 - 7/27 (noon)

Detroit 7/27 (eve) - 7/29 (noon)

Toledo 7/29 (eve) - 7/30 (noon)

Columbus 7/30 (eve) - 8/1 (noon)


("Evening" is 5 PM and after. 1-4 PM is afternoon. 1-3 PM is before hotels

allow check-in. Please give me time to travel between cities and check in.)



Before showing up and getting on the table only to then ask "so what are the rules" please read the passage below then click on and see my "Original Art" page and blog. There are no "fluffy" pages on this website. No "I'm a fancy lady who reads and travels to Europe, just look at my expensive shoes" passages. My site is pure useful info about your actual appointment. Yes, I might frame it in a humorous way. That doesn't mean it's filler. It's all info.


I'm not a "compensation for time only" provider because I'm not a full service provider. I offer one highly specialized experience I'm more than happy to describe to you before you book, down to the most minute detail.


It's not another "rub" an untrained provider tacked onto a "menu" for a jack of all trades/master of none result. Not all "FBSM" is FBSM, and if "all the same" is how you view what I do, back up and go find a garden variety weak uninspired "sensual massage", as bad massage is much easier to find than good (even in the non-SW realm most therapists at for instance Massage Envy are pretty uninspired). Many of my clients have already been through subpar facsimiles of what I do before finding me, and for years they've told me this rather than the other way around, so no that isn't me "thinking too highly of myself" but simply the abundant feedback I've received that was freely volunteered to me (it's never gossip about particular providers as I don't participate in that, just clients saying in general terms "massage" is rarely massage when sensual). I'm positive that FS providers are better than me at FS activities. We all have our strengths. I'm just tired of my extraordinary particular talent that far exceeds that of the average person being minimized as if it's just a ho hum standard issue part of everyone else's tree of options, while their entry level options are routinely positioned as more important than my entire sum total.


Based on client feedback I don't mind letting you experience the alternatives first so you appreciate me later like my established clientele do, as I'm not a hit and run provider but one with years-long established repeat relationships - slow and steady, not flashy, just like my appointments. You're either an FBSM client or a FS client who'll "try out" an FBSM provider. Please know I only want FBSM minded clients. I'm never trying to market to all. I aim for a select niche of appropriate, like-minded clients of the service I offer, just like dommes aim for clients who appreciate their specialized service and respect their expertise in it.


It's past time to respect FBSM as a field of SW expertise just like people respect BDSM as a field of SW expertise, as opposed to continuing to treat what I do as a throwaway rung on the ladder to FS. Pardon my bluntness, but the body only has so many holes, so there's only so far you can go. Free porn being as widespread as it is, you've probably gone as far as you can jading your eyeballs and inner fantasy life. Again this isn't a put down of FS providers as they too are tired of being pushed beyond their comfort zones where their talent and joy shines to some realm where options simply cease to exist (I mean unless we start doing ear and nostril penetration, as a species we've mathematically maxed out the options for ways to put body parts together).


Good FBSM can return you to a place of intense appreciation for simplicity. Please don't show up thinking I'm going to struggle with you while you try to pressure me for an elaborate FS checklist. Please do show up prepared to lie down, take a deep breath, let go, and rediscover your actual nerve endings. I promise if you're capable of letting go of an obsession with control and repeating patterns that pay off a little less each time you'll end up in a much more fulfilling, deeply satisfying place than numb and eventually frustrated/locked up/responsively dead from being numb.


I'm not going to do a lot of visualization and breathing exercises like a tantrika, but the concept is similar, just with straightforward deep tissue massage then masterful, almost psychedelic sensual touch you have to feel to appreciate. That being said I'm able to deliver mind-blowing "wow never felt anything like that before in my life" (yes I hear that a LOT from clients in the right frame of mind) energy only when I'm not trying to fight off coercion that comes from an unoriginal, low vibration mindset. The intensity you experience has everything to do with how much you try to control and steer our session versus letting go and actually FEELING it. Step out of your performative nature, turn off the social media validation, and stop worrying about what "the bros" might think as if you're a cub reporter looking down at yourself instead of being in yourself. I promise I won't tell anyone you let a mere woman make you feel fantastic in a way where you weren't trying to dominate and sadistically get over on another human but just letting yourself enjoy pure sweet sensation. I promise I won't tell anyone you compensated someone who's masterful in their actual field for their mastery rather than calling it "just" massage.

(Please note this is a combination of therapeutic and sensual massage. It's partially deep tissue, and that part of the appointment is also powerful and effective, leaving me with a ton of follow-up thank you notes about banished aches and pains, but it all comes from a now second nature, instinctive approach. I don't file insurance nor diagnose as it's not a clinical setting. Massage school was 25 years ago, and as the massage industry despises sensual providers I don't swim in the same circles and have forgotten more technical language than I ever learned. But unlike a self-conscious recent graduate (again Massage Envy is the perfect example) I'm like any artist or master craftsman who simply occupies their skill and talent. Of course you can always check my Testimonials page, click on the thumbnails for each year, and scroll for what my actual clients have said.)


No popsicle is ever as cold and delicious as the first, and no vacation ever as good as the anticipation of the vacation. It's basic fact that innocence and wonder and anticipation feel a hell of a lot better than being jaded. I don't provide predictable, rote, by-the-numbers satiation. I provide reaching back to feeling levels of pure intoxicating feeling you either forgot about or didn't know existed. I can't wire your house or file your taxes, but I'm as good as it gets at what I do... if you allow me to be. If you think saying that is a challenge to prove me wrong by comparing me to other SWers, stop, because I'm not trying to be the hottest visual (although I'm cute enough I suppose), and I'm not trying to be the "wildest". It's not a competition. Again, we all have our strengths (and we all had our specialties before the prevailing mindset of tossing everything plus the kitchen sink on a "menu" got popularized). I have an almost otherworldly sense of touch. I do what I'm good at because it flows out of me, it's amazing, it's second nature, and I'm great at it. Most people pick their jobs for less natural reasons, and lack of true affinity for your work is obvious in the final product. 


The entire point of this website is to describe in complete detail what I do, because the amount of conversation I can have about the appointment is precisely zeroAny attempt to discuss anything at all about the appointment except where and when it takes place will necessitate a block. What I do is extraordinary, but logistically it doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure out. Want to chat about the weather, movies, dogs, or anything else that isn't the appointment? I'm here for all the conversation. If however you need to chat about the appointment you need to find a different provider. 


Please read my info without me having to continually clutter up my site with these pop-ups and disclaimers.

  • I'm a mature provider, conversationally interesting and drama-free - you'll be surprised at my age although I'm not trying to pull off any age that I'm not, I always post recent pics and videos so you can judge for yourself, and I'm pretty sure looking younger than your age with a unique, stranger-than-fiction life experience is preferable to looking older than your age with a boring history

  • Not an escort, fetish provider, nuru, or tantrika, just phenomenal deep tissue + sensual massage

  • All-inclusive - no door fee then stopping mid-massage to upsell you either the basics that should already be included or a whole different kind of appointment

  • The full time you schedule, never "up to"

  • I use real self-warming massage oil all over your body, not cold handfuls of lube, because this is real massage. Extras that exist with providers who compensate for lack of massage training and that are possible because they've covered you in water-soluble lube and not oil are not available. I work with my immensely talented, trained hands. 

  • I give massage. This is a passive experience like any therapeutic massage would be where you lie down, relax, and let go. 

  • No discrimination of any kind, whether disability or ethnicity or age (the one obvious caveat is you have to be of legal age)

  • Individual male clients only, no women or couples, sorry

  • Touring only, and because of known privacy issues with short term rentals (hidden cameras and landlords spying on guests and now algorithms banning sex workers altogether) I'm in hotels only, hotels still being the most private rendezvous option since the phrase "no tell motel" was first coined

  • With a small pet that won't in any way interrupt your massage, but please don't schedule with allergies

  • Screening is mandatory - all adult providers face the same level of risk, regardless of services offered



9 AM - 10 PM

Please schedule at least 3 hours ahead

and mornings by the day before.


hours notice because I work on each client for their full time,

and can't reply to requests when my hands are on a body.

Mornings by the day before because I sleep at night.

Same day scheduling:




24 hr+ notice:



No credit cards, payment processors,

or virtual transfer of any kind.

Physical paper only.


(The sole caveat: a digital cancellation fee of 50% for times reserved after 12 noon and 100% for times reserved in the morning applies if an appointment is cancelled same day. If a cancellation fee isn't received there won't be future re-booking. Always ask where you can recompense me when cancelling same day as merely saying "sorry something came up" won't cover my already sunk touring incall expense nor the limited time I wasn't able to use for other clients.)



No half hour appointments.


If you need to leave before the hour is up just let me know (although I really need at least an hour to give a proper massage). But you'll still be compensating me for the hour.