El Paso

4/16 - 4/17 (noon)



  • I'm a mature provider, conversationally interesting and drama-free - you'll be surprised at my age although I'm not trying to pull off any age that I'm not, I always post recent pics and videos so you can judge for yourself, and I'm pretty sure looking younger than your age with a unique, stranger-than-fiction life experience is preferable to looking older than your age with a boring history

  • Not an escort, fetish provider, nuru, or tantrika, just phenomenal deep tissue + sensual massage

  • All-inclusive - no door fee then stopping mid-massage to upsell you either the basics that should already be included or a whole different kind of appointment

  • The full time you schedule, never "up to"

  • I use real self-warming massage oil all over your body, not cold handfuls of lube, because this is real massage. Extras that exist with providers who compensate for lack of massage training and that are possible because they've covered you in water-soluble lube and not oil are not available. I work with my immensely talented, trained hands. 

  • I give massage. This is a passive experience like any therapeutic massage would be where you lie down, relax, and let go. 

  • No discrimination of any kind, whether disability or ethnicity or age (the one obvious caveat is you have to be of legal age)

  • Individual male clients only, no women or couples, sorry

  • Touring only, and because of known privacy issues with short term rentals (hidden cameras and landlords spying on guests) I'm in hotels only, hotels still being the most private rendezvous option since the phrase "no tell motel" was first coined

  • With a small pet that won't in any way interrupt your massage, but please don't schedule with allergies

  • Screening is mandatory - all adult providers face exactly the same level of risk, regardless of services offered



9 AM - 10 PM

(Please schedule at least 3 hours ahead

and mornings by the day before)



No credit cards, payment processors,

or virtual transfer of any kind.

Physical paper only.

I don't offer outcalls to hotels.

If you'd like to know why click here

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