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A formally trained and more importantly naturally touch gifted massage therapist who's effortlessly sensual and open-minded enough to offer the kind of completely satisfying combination massage some clients wish their therapeutic MTs would.  I don't offer escort services.


I'm a mature provider, highly intelligent with no tolerance for superficiality or sacred cows or ludicrous facades, so please never confuse my plain spokenness and sense of humor with being "low rent".  I won't play to some cartoon version of "elite" by posing in front of vacant fancy homes for sale in a feather boa or giving my pages ridiculous names like "tributes" or "visual stimulation" so we can both cosplay what we imagine rich people are like.  The quelity of my company and massage have nothing to do with facades, so know I'll always be in a safe location but for a variety of reasons (including a massage not escort budget, nosy bellmen and stuffy rooms=poor sleep) I'll always be in the suburbs and rarely in a high rise.


I'm a dog person.

I'm tattoo-free.

I look understated, not flashy.

If you like genuinely smart (as in critical thinking, not rote memorization), genuinely unique individuals who know their strengths and admit their weaknesses and don't pretend to be good at what they do because personal benefit is their only real motivator, you'll love me.  If you need hype with no substance you have thousands of other choices.


Deep tissue that's never uncomfortable and will never cause you to wince yet is satisfyingly effective, unlike the typical medium pressure most LMTs called "deep tissue".  Then feather touch to reawaken your senses that may have been dulled by artless touch, mindless distractions, and overindulgence.

I don't use "scented oil", by which you mean dollar a bottle petroleum byproduct baby oil that fake "therapists" use and in the past has sat on top of your skin not absorbing like good oil and made you smell like a powdery nursery room changing table when you go home or back to work.  I use unscented oil and can't give massage with no oil because you've been to "rub" girls who used baby oil in the past and are worried this is a repeat of that.  You'll never be excessively drenched as I use good oil, sparingly.  You'll be left completely unscented, and you're free to use the shower before you leave (and arrive) as you prefer.

All you'll be saying is ahhh when we're done.

9 AM - 10 PM

(except day of arrival/departure)

(I can only get email if I'm awake, and I sleep outside of the hours above, sometimes even guiltlessly later if not booked the day before. So please schedule mornings by 10 PM the day before, and give a few hours notice for all appointments. I don't have a secretary and never rush through anyone's time - that will include not rushing your time either- so I'm almost never instantly available. Also, notice only counts when it's final confirmation. It isn't notice if you "reach out" but after I reply you disappear from the conversation till just before the time you wanted. Notice is final, mutual confirmation - "great, here's my number and I'll see you then" - that we're scheduled/on the books.)




Outcall (within reasonable distance):



I don't offer outcalls to hotels.

If you'd like to know why click here

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