I'm disabling my site and ads for the time being while I reevaluate what I'm even doing as for years now I've worked every waking hour of almost every day and because FBSM isn't valued, pre-booking isn't considered important despite me gambling my few dollars with no savings on each visit every week (and people are somehow "surprised" I have extreme high blood pressure despite the obvious chronic stress if you think about it for literally one second), and in general providers aren't considered human beings, I have not only not progressed but have regressed materially in all that time. I have literally nothing to show for working every day of every year. For working while you're singing Christmas carols with the family. For working while you're eating Thanksgiving dinner. For working on my birthday (while you all go out of your way to tell me I'm your "birthday treat" on your birthday - because you could probably never imagine not treating yourself just like you could never imagine yourself not getting weekends off or a vacation every year).

So it may come as a shock that netting nothing (actually it's working every day just to go deeper into debt thanks to overhead expense, so literally "earning" negative) that's not exactly motivational for doing even more work. Even though the average man would never go on a long distance drive not knowing if he would crash and burn or barely eke out covering hundreds to thousands in sunk travel expenses (just for one minute think about how much it actually costs WITH TAX to rent hotel rooms 365 DAYS A YEAR) until he got all the way there.

Please don't ask me "when will you be back" in your city during this time. Please don't think ah she's not posted as being anywhere so maybe I can get here to consider coming here. This is exactly not the time for even more of the same.

If you actually care about how I've given everything and every bit of my time to this job for absolutely nothing, you 're always free to send an actual gift. Not a deposit. Not payment for services. A gift.


In the past 3 years I've watched an "elite" SWer post that a tornado temporarily tore up her house so she had to temporarily live in a hotel (the thing I do every day of the year) WHILE WAITING ON AN INSURANCE CHECK. She "went viral" and had thousands of dollars thrown at her to "retire" due to the "stress"  of it all (she's of course back from  the melodramatically announced "retirement" at present, after getting that payout).

I watched another SWer pretend she got shot in the head and was in the "hospital" and needed to "move" to "feel safe again". She taped aquarium tubing to her inner arm to pretend it was an "IV". Again, she got a windfall. She posted pics of her new fancy, comfy apartment. I've continued this ENTIRE time to (barely) live in hotels.

I watched another SWer capitalize on the post-FOSTA discourse that seizing Backpage would cause us to be harmed - she painted pure black (no yellow blue purple etc as in nature) perfect circle around her eye and claimed she had a "black eye" from a client. Again, the financial gifts poured in.

I sit on Twitter every day and watch escorts post screenshots of "Mr X sent me $900 shoes" and "Mr P paid my rent for 3 months" and "Mr R cashapped me 3K for nothing" and meanwhile when it comes to FBSM it's just grind it out day after day (but also pay for the same level hotel rooms the women getting fancy shoes and huge cash gifts and all expenses paid trips are in). I'm supposed to "be happy for" everyone else while they post their list of FMTY cities (some have been FLOWN TO half a dozen cities just this year,  meaning they get paid their full fee outside of travel and hotel, and we only got the vaccine a couple months ago). These are all largely people who post ample pics of their well appointed homes with fancy kitchen appliances, etc.


So anyway feel free to act like every SWer is special and deserving of basic health care and a home, not just certain types of SWers. Or don't. A person will only do a thankless job for so long. Maybe stop asking "why don't more CMTs do FBSM" and start asking why on earth would they.

C*shApp: $ vncmt (without spaces)

V*nmo: V_luxe

When I get a home to live in? Like you? And literally everyone you know? The entry level expectation for any human being? Then I'll happily discuss "when I'll be back".