You can:


1) contact to book during my posted dates in your city or upcoming city (please don't send dated requests for random dates and cities I haven't posted on the first page), or


2) join my mailing list so I can let you know when I'm back in your city. 


I may not be back for the next visit for months though, as I have a lot of ground to cover (no need to keep asking how many cities I visit when you can see the cities while picking yours on the form - I personally added each city, it's not just a default template of every city in America). If you want to see me I really wouldn't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 


Please don't join my mailing list just to forget who I am or for whatever other reason (I really really don't get this) the very first time I actually email (from that list you joined), your one and only reply is to take you off the list.  This is actually, genuinely, insane:

(This even happens with guys who've actually typed out the words " let me know when you're back in town". Please don't ask me to take time to email unless you mean it. I'm an unknown person on the internet, not a woman you're false promising "I'll call you" to after a date. I don't know you exist until you reach out and contact me. Please mean it if you do.)

Yes, I stay in hotels.

Not AirBnbs where 1 in 10 have been found to have hidden cameras installed by owners spying to find sex workers (Google "AirBnb spying"). I prefer my appointments to not be watched by a third party as the discreet option.

**Update 1/8/2020 to what I just wrote in the paragraph above a week ago:

I'm not in "private" homes (that I somehow maintain 50 of in people's fertile imaginations?) You think homes are "private"? For sex work appointments? Adorable.


"Private homes" are where nosy neighbors discuss on websites designed for that purpose the car and foot traffic going to suspicious locations every day, even sharing screenshots of men and their cars arriving and leaving (I saw this on a RubRatings ad less than 24 hours after someone declined to book with me because oh no scary hotel). Sex work is one of only two common reasons why there would be elevated traffic to a home, so yes, people absolutely watch for it (and the longer a provider lives and works there the more obvious it gets). Again, I prefer the more discreet type of location where I'm there briefly, not long enough to build up this kind of scrutiny.

Just because other providers' ads say "private home" that doesn't mean it's private. If you're still more comfortable with a home even though you may well be being watched and possibly recorded through peepholes and curtains, that's your choice. Just please don't make me go all the way through screening and days or even months of discussion before you say "oh are you in a hotel, I didn't realize that".  I make it extremely obvious I travel. That's my entire online presentation. Yes, of course I stay in hotels.  If you honestly think because you've "heard bad things happen in hotels" yet that isn't far more than counterbalanced by my RS-AVS verification, extreme caution, screening, filtering who I see, having a paid domain, having a social media presence, etc, then you have no real ability to deduce who's real even when it's painfully obvious, so I respectfully ask you instead contact any number of 3 sentence classified ads with what should be terrifyingly explicit language and go to their "private home".  Contact me after you've learned how local lore and a "30 minutes or less or your pizza's free" approach to booking don't protect you, facts and logic do.

Yes, I screen.


I verify complete strangers before meeting alone in a private room at a physical disadvantage as a woman with a lack of protections I'd have in any other profession. If you appreciate the far greater risk that providers take than clients and understand that even though you have almost no risk I've assured you have zero risk by getting myself verified by RS-AVS, then you shouldn't have a problem also assuring my safety by verifying with me.


I verify one thing.

I don't require a laundry list of info like a lot of providers.

However, that one thing is ***EXTREMELY NON-NEGOTIABLE***

Please don't click "we've already met" when I don't know you. I never post my email or number on the web, and I route everyone through a contact form that will disable (no, it's not broken) if fields are filled in with the type of bad info I (far too) commonly receive. All that should tell you something. I mean, I've really tried to paint a picture here.

Please don't send screening info (I'm not talking about personal info - please read the info on the form) that isn't clearly visible on Google.  GOOGLE YOUR OWN INFO BEFORE YOU SEND IT.  It doesn't matter if "but this is the email I use" or "but this is the number I use" if it doesn't show on Google. I'm not psychic, and I don't take explanations as an alternate screening option. I verify.

Please don't send screening info I can't contact. I don't care if "it's the weekend". It only matters that I can verify.

Are you familiar with the phrase "trust but verify"? I'm in the adult business. I only verify.


No, I'm not going to "out" you.


To what end? To have a furious woman screaming and threatening me? To get you fired (and thus unable to book appointments)? In many years the number of furious wives I've encountered I can count on one hand - and the reason they happened at all? The CLIENT was slack in locking down his phone, computer, email, etc. They got ME in trouble, not the other way around. Over 80% of clients are in a (if they're to be believed not completely satisfying) long-term relationship. That's why most of you book. You seriously think I'm going to break you crazy kids up? 100% of clients have an income - that's how you're able to book. I didn't drive multiple hours, pay thousands for rental car, gas, tolls, and hotel just so I could chop recklessly through everyone's info like a brain dead idiot with a machete.  Give me, a verified, well known *veteran* provider with a sterling reputation for discretion earned over many years, some credit. READ ALL the words in white on the form on the following page. Don't "skim" it, only see check boxes then form assumptions I've already addressed if you just simply read the words I wrote in white, then run away afraid of things already covered. It's maddening to get a "tutorial" from someone "explaining" all the things I already explained to them (but they didn't bother to read).









If you can't (or won't) screen directly with me, you can screen with Cathy at RS-AVS (just like I got myself screened with her). Please don't click "RS-AVS" on my form unless you're actually a paid member.

Sorry but I don't take provider references (if I did it would show as an option).

I don't take pics of IDs (if I did it would show as an option).

I don't take P411 or memberships other than RS-AVS (if I did it would show as an option).

I don't take "but I'm retired". CONTACT CATHY AT RS-AVS FOR OTHER OPTIONS, NOT ME.

I don't take "I'm a nice guy". Ted Bundy abducted his victims using "I'm a nice guy".

I take one of three things. If I took more things I'd have posted a number of things greater than three. Thanks.

If you have real screening info I can both see and verify by contacting before we schedule, you can reach me here

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