I know it's common to imagine providers work 8 hours a day, so you do some quick math in your head and think "wow she's making out like a bandit".

That couldn't be further from the truth. In reality have 30K in debt from overhead, aka from trying to work. I have weeks where I might see one client every 2nd or 3rd day. Every month has me paying for a room several times on days with zero appointments (weekends and holidays are notorious for this as most clients are married and can only book M-F). Also note when I do see one client it's for one hour to 90 minutes as I don't have "overnights" or "fly me to you"s like an escort. One client a day or every other day for an escort is sometimes all they need. A multi-hour escort appointment with a $1000 an hour escort can cover weeks of expenses. A one hour massage appointment does not.


To be clear this isn't just me. I saw a tweet this past week from an escort who hasn't had an appointment since November. Spend enough time on social media and actually pay attention and you'll notice even "VIP"  accounts will tweet "hurry up and book gents, my upcoming trip is almost booked up" then a few hours later "I have to cancel due to not enough bookings". Strip away the lying (cough "marketing") they do to make themselves look more sought after, and you realize the industry is slow because Backpage no longer exists - yes, it made that much of a difference.

Imagine if you drove to a telemarketing job but had to pay an entrance fee and rent your desk. Then at the end of each day you realized your income was less (or nonexistent) than what you'd paid. (Obviously in this hypothetical you'd just quit. But now imagine for some far out reason that isn't an option and you have to repeat this every day of the year...)

Anyway, I'm very self-sufficient (obviously - I got this far in these crushing conditions). I'm just asking you to know the reality of this job. Tell it to board bros. Share it on Twitter. Change your mindset. Touring is insanely expensive.


So I won't ask for Loubs or designer gear like women who've convinced you that their body parts are somehow "elite" (ok if you insist you can buy me silk PJs, but that's it lol). I'm not a full service escort, so I'm not allowed to play the sky's the limit $1000 an hour rate games anyway. There's a firm ceiling on "only massage". And even that ceiling is constantly being questioned by guys comparing me to "the local girls" like it costs the same to provide locally as it does to travel.

If you value CMTs who also provide sexy massage and know how rare we are (misleading ads to the contrary notwithstanding), then feel free to gift me with things I actually need:  food and gas.  Or scroll down and find, like in the footer on every page of this site, another place to send a small gift (that I won't put into writing as payment processors are on the lookout for adult providers).

I travel crosscountry, so feel free to bring (or send electronically) gift cards to national chains like Boston Market, Jason's Deli, Cheesecake Factory, Ihop, Red Lobster, Starbucks, Panda Express, etc. Gas cards are mostly physical, but there are a couple of e-gift card options for those, just email or tweet me if you need to know.

Oh and I finally got an Amazon gift list here


(Please don't send restaurant.com credit. Restaurant.com is widely known as a scam company - google it before wasting money on them, and in general before sending anything I haven't expressly mentioned ask first so I can give you this kind of info, thanks.))