Currently in:

Kansas City (Overland Park)

I'll have to put "tour dates" on some of my ad sites, but truthfully I have no idea how long I'll be anywhere anymore (or when I'll be someplace else) as it's all up to scheduling volume and only scheduling volume, and without Backpage and the market now glutted with FBSM no screen newbs passing misleadingly low door fees and "up to your time" baby bird arms oil wipes off as "massage" and guys falling for it, volume for real massage with a real therapist rarely exceeds breaking even. 


Schedule early in my visit when you see me post, as when it gets quiet I have to leave.

Tentative next stops, getting there when I get there:








Note to Albuquerque, the city I'd hoped to make my home base:

I haven't had enough join my mailing list to make driving all the way back to New Mexico to work and apartment hunt worth it. I travel when enough legitimate clients make enough noise in sufficient volume for me to go to a place, not for scenery or sightseeing with work as an afterthought (I actually work, all the time without the luxury of breaks).  I wish the city that supported me was Albuquerque, but repeatedly in the past year it's proved not to be.  Might end up retiring this domain and looking for a different home base in a place with a lot less sunshine but a lot more support (quite a few cities enthusiastically like me, just sadly not the one I'd hoped to move to).  If you want to finally show up for me before I move my stuff out of storage, then I might be able to salvage my original hope of getting a place, but your tendency to slowly and methodically mull over every provider's ad for 9 months before making first contact really isn't facilitating me being able to be there at all.

Note to everybody else:

I don't have a "home base" anywhere yet, Albuquerque or otherwise.  Dragging a massage table around the country alone in a rental car on a tour with never any end in sight was supposed to at some point help me get a home base.  Was.  Kinda resigned to that never happening at this point.  If I was supported to the point that I covered more than the immense travel expenses with nothing left over I might even be able to get a home and feel like a semi-normal human.  Again, not holding my breath, but my "home base" is nowhere, and I'm just getting that question out of the way now.