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Sensual massage in Albuquerque FBSM in Albuquerque

Remember when Facebook was exposed for selling every bit of what you put on their site and doing god knows what else with all that data because everyone mindlessly clicked "agree" without reading terms and conditions and now they own you and everybody you're connected to?  Try a little thing called FOREsight for a change.  "Fore".  As opposed to just saying "welp I guess we all screwed the pooch didn't we" after the fact.
Routing "discreet" affairs through any unnecessary extra channel is insane, whether that means in-site email that owners/moderators can also choose to read (P411, Eccie, Tryst messaging, Twitter DMs, etc) or a payment processor. THINK.
If I "took" something I'd say "hey I take this thing". ONLINE. You wouldn't have to search for it. I'd have logos splashed all over ads, the main page, everywhere your eyes could possibly land. You would be visually assaulted with that information.
There are no credit card logos on this site, no "I take ___" on this site or anything else I have online, because I don't take those things
I shouldn't have to always prove a negative. When I say I offer massage I shouldn't have to list all the other things I don't offer. I similarly shouldn't have to list all the things I don't "take". It's frankly endless and exhausting.
So what's the deal? Think old school. And that's all I'm going to discuss on the subject, which is to say no discussion at all. If you need a provider who "takes" a transfer of digital numbers on a screen in any form or with any brand please contact one who prominently mentions that option. I promise you no provider will bury the lede about that. And I promise you if and when you check back in with her months from now her options will be radically curtailed (but don't worry, there'll be a new horde of newbs trying the same thing she already tried, just an endless line of dominos constantly falling). When it comes to things like this and screening newbie providers tend to do these things right up to the point they realize it was a really bad idea.