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"Vanessa's website is 99% rules"

Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with 99% of people being deliberately obtuse.

You really don't think I'd love to write a cute single page that says "I offer therapeutic and sensual massage" and not have to add multiple pages screaming "I REALLY DON'T OFFER OTHER STUFF"? That I wouldn't like to say "Here's what I take for screening" and not have to write pages of disclaimers like "HEY!! I REALLY MEAN IT! THIS WHAT I TAKE. THAT MEANS I DON'T TAKE OTHER THINGS!" I'm like a pizza restaurant that for some reason constantly has to establish I don't serve burgers! And then guys make me out to be a negative Nancy because I have to keep repeating myself. Sure, of course. I LOVE things not being straightforward and simple:

Well anyway, maybe you've seen the news? Matt Gaetz is currently in a bit of hot water. Agree or disagree with how he should be a lawmaker passing laws that keep prostitution illegal while paying for escorts (and drugs) himself, but the fact of the matter is he's like a lot of guys who want scheduling to be FREE AND EASY, JUST CHILLAX GIRL, right before they step in it, because freewheeling and easy about safety and privacy isn't how you handle meeting in a shadow industry where people get arrested and murdered.

How many years have I been saying now that payment processors and the paper trail that go along with them (outside of a pure no-strings attached gift, especially when you write an incriminating memo line on it like the cherry on top)

are a bad idea, especially when paying for "full service", i.e. committing a misdemeanor? And yet everyone went right on ignoring me or calling me "uptight" or "full of rules".

I even had to tweet how to not show up to a tiny hotel I was staying in, part of a chain well publicized for spying on adult providers, while it had less than 5% occupancy and the general manager himself was working the front desk saying hi to every one of the few people who walked in, then use the ATM right in front of said GM before coming upstairs to me. Gosh, why can't I just take a chill pill and let everybody do anything and everything all the time? It's not like there's currently a gigantic moral panic trying to drive my industry completely out of existence or that there's a massive permanent pile of data being accumulated on every person and being shared with law enforcement, and every indiscreet thing you freely and unnecessarily post goes into it. Caution schmaution! Just text me "hey bb" and rush right over, sailor! What could possibly go wrong?

I don't expect to ever get retroactive credit for saying for many many years things like provider references aren't reliable or review boards are misogynistic or, more recently, that using payment processors to pay for services in a black market is a ridiculously bad idea on multiple levels. But it sure would be nice if in real time me trying to get you to protect yourself as well as me wasn't framed as me being a big old party pooper or a mom trying to get you to eat your vegetables. I'm beyond tired of being right years ahead of everybody else realizing the thing I was saying was right all along (but not remembering I said it back when listening to it might have actually prevented something).

Please stop assuming all providers take payment processors or that if she doesn't say anything she takes one, when literally the opposite is true. Don't like wordy sites? Start accepting that words mean things and a lack of words doesn't mean aha a thing must exist, because she didn't say it doesn't exist. The adage "If everybody else jumped off a cliff would you jump too" really seems to have been lost to the last century.


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