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"But why do you screen for 'just massage'?"

A friend who also does FBSM just received this, in the year of our lord 2021.

I'm so tired.

Over a decade ago review board guys were telling each other I must have a "secret menu" because the big tell was I screen for my safety for "just massage". So in one city after another a lone brave warrior would rise to the occasion and "take one for the team" (a hilarious concept since in every fiber of my being I try to repulse everyone from boards, happy to trade off the appointment volume that would come from them in favor of my safety and sanity) and come to see me, find out I'm honest (now we can't have that) and go back to ding me on a board for being... truthful in advertising.

(Keep in mind these are the same guys who'll discuss daily how much they're sick of being lied to and misled and that's why they "need" review boards to prevent "rip offs" and lies.)


So anyway, why would a woman who does "just massage" need to screen, hmm, truly a mystery. I mean obviously FBSM providers have a magical force field around us that prevents rape, murder, and arrest that "full service" providers lack, since the question implies they need to screen but we don't.

Kinda interesting then how assaults on female real estate agents have caused the real estate industry to start verifying the identity of people they show houses to. Or, using review board logic, all these real estate agents must be doing "full service" on the open house staged beds. Probably best to send one of your board bros on a reconnaissance mission to an open house to find out. These women might say "cozy post war bungalow", but their eyes say "oh yes".

And then there's Philip Markoff, the "Craigslist killer", infamous for killing a young woman named Julissa Brisman who offered FBSM, not FS.

But maybe she was just uniquely unlucky, along with the (as of this article being written in 2016) 101 murder victims from Craigslist that all happened precisely because the assailant was emboldened by anonymity. Included in their ranks were men answering construction/handymen ads, young women answering au pair ads, etc. Were they all secretly doing "full service" too?

And of course just in the past year AMPs (which don't screen but allow walk-ins) have resulted in arrests and fines of the women Robert Kraft visited (while he walked scot-free) and more recently the murders of 8 people, mostly providers.

And then there's the notion of well it's "just massage", so there's a greater legal risk for escorts, a notion brought to you year after year on escort review boards from the same guys who buy fish antibiotics (often to slip to their wives rather than admit they brought home an STI) rather than wear condoms with FS providers. These are definitely the geniuses who know all the legal facts. Trust them to not get your name on the evening news instead of me, since they clearly know best.

The actual facts are that in at least two states, New York and Florida, it's a felony to practice massage without a license, A provider can be certified and trained in another state but not hold a license specific to New York or Florida and still run afoul of this law, especially if advertising/offering anything sexy as part of their appointments - and law enforcement agencies in recent years have sharply increased their instances of charging for this instead of prostitution, a catch all term they historically charged all SWers with regardless of services offered.

By comparison, in both of these states "only" full service is a misdemeanor. So the legal risks of "just massage" are actually much greater and not in any state anywhere less than "full service" (states other than NY and FL simply charge all SWers the same, and yes they go after every type of SWer with equal gusto and frequency). And all that risk for a fraction of the pay, because not only have clients decided "just massage" should cost far less than "full service", the tips and gifts and extra niceties that frequently go along with "full service" also almost never exist. North Florida review boards in particular expect FBSM providers to travel to their state, covering their own gas and rental car or plane ticket, hotel rooms, meals (that all have to be takeout without a kitchen), etc, and risk a felony all without being able to screen... for $100 an hour. And that's on top of carrying around all kinds of extra, heavy equipment one doesn't need for "full service", needing to rent rooms larger than needed for "full service" to accommodate a table, and standing/leaning/bearing down for every minute of scheduled time instead of the appointment lasting "up to your time", intervals of sitting or lying down, chatting and drinking wine, etc.

Every SWer needs to screen. Every. Single. One.

If you think your legal risk is equal to that of a SWer you're either extremely ignorant or deliberately obtuse.

And that 10% is almost exclusively men who walk into AMPS without screening or pick up "streetwalkers" (that are actually female LE working undercover). In every instance (except the exceptional Robert Kraft case where guys were caught on hidden cameras) men are yapping indiscreetly about money and services (also known as "soliciting") instead of behaving discreetly when an arrest is made. It's the talking that's the crime, the kind of talking escort review boards have given you a false sense of security in doing loudly and indiscriminately, because if everybody else is on there freely confessing to misdemeanors with full service providers, surely you can too. Surely nobody would ever be charged for such a thing.

If you can't trust a provider who needs you to stay employed, married, and off the front page of the evening paper to be an expert in her own industry, but prefer to trust some fish antibiotic buying reckless morons you don't know from a hole in a wall on a board, knock yourself out. Just please don't contact me. I screen. Period. There's never a time when I do it differently than I lay out, don't bother to follow through and check/contact the info I'm sent, do it partially, negotiate it, or skip it because you think I "have no other choice" (not only do I have a vast repeat client base thanks to treating my actual clients right, but I always have the chance to merely drive to another city rather than "have to" compromise my safety in any particular place).


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