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"Do you like what you do?"

That depends.

By "what I do" do you mean laughing and talking to you while I dig deep into your body in long fluid strokes breaking up aches and pains then reawakening your nerve endings with the subtlest of touch, making your jaded, numbed body come alive again with the intensity and novelty of your first kiss? Or having to write a cluttered website full of disclaimers, getting blatant lies in my inbox daily anyway, and digging through all those just to get to the final appointment, which is sometimes a meeting of the minds but just as often a pointless struggle of someone pushing my boundaries while I hold myself at awkward angles and have to (through my body language and ultimately literal language) say no, dulling the mood and leaving the final product that could have been magically flowy a piecemeal bunch of awkward empty gestures I had to power through rather than truly enjoy and do to the best of my ability?

Here's the thing: I really LIKE doing therapeutic and sensual massage.

Let me say it again: I LIKE the physical experience I actually advertise. Not the one many of you might try to push me into. The smooth, subtle, masterful flowing magic I pour all over you while you groan and writhe under my hands. The thing I offer and do.


Now maybe that doesn't matter to you, because you're a "hobbyist" and don't care if a SWer is repulsed by anything you do or is legitimately into it. I personally can't imagine being with someone who was gritting their teeth and barely tolerating me whether I was paying them or not, but maybe that's just me.

Or maybe you really believe every SWer, including the impossibly gorgeous and young in designer clothes, are physically attracted to literally every man they meet. Men they didn't have the pleasure of mutually choosing in the "real life" way, but men (they've never seen but who chose them from dozens of pics they got to see) then showed up at their door. Again, it's necessary to believe a woman would spontaneously lubricate and engorge (did you know women's genitalia engorge just like a penis when aroused) for any man alive for this theory to hold.

What's interesting is how little it takes for men en masse to find a wide range of women repulsive while believing every woman finds every man irresistible. Remember the movie About Schmidt? It had a scene where the entire joke was an overweight, middle aged man, Jack Nicholson, being sexually repulsed by the overtures of an overweight, middle aged woman, Kathy Bates.

Side note:

Kathy Bates was born June 28, 1948

Jack Nicholson was born April 22, 1937

He was 11 years older (and had considerably less hair) than Kathy Bates in the scene above.

But I digress. Maybe you're not like Jack Nicholson, and if you were a male SWer (living the dream, right) your dick would get hard for literally any woman alive (remember they'd be picking you, not the other way around). Elderly ladies. I don't mean "mature hottie", I mean elderly. Women with back-ne and extensive hair loss. You'd just BOOOOING!!! practically right through the front of your pants the second literally any woman alive showed up at your door previously sight unseen. Hang out at a Walmart for a few hours and tell me that's accurate. Every woman. Zero exceptions.

Now I get it, you're the customer and SWers are the product, so you're paying for the illusion of attraction. Great, so let's not pretend otherwise. With full service you're literally plunging over and over into the body of strangers who didn't pick you but were picked in a unilateral, one-sided fashion (how invasive did that one finger going in just one time on your last prostate exam feel), yet on review boards it's expected that SWers find 100% of clients rapturously attractive 100% of the time ("Oh yeah bro, I made her squeal with delight").

Unlike full service providers, I'm not in a position to need to pretend to be attracted to anyone. I'm also not repulsed by anyone.

If you spend any time on SW social media you'll notice there's been an enormous uptick lately in "non-client facing" SW accounts with names like "poisonous whore". These accounts are anonymous accounts by full service SWers who need to vent the things they can't say on their "main" accounts (the accounts you see and find titillating). These anon accounts talk about non-sexy industry issues but also routinely about hating men, men's body odor, men's overtures, men's expectations, men's bodies, men's company. This is a natural backlash of their psyches thanks in large part to having to play unnatural, disingenuous roles on their main accounts every day they draw breath as well as in the most intimate of circumstances. On "main" however SWers will often say ludicrously pandering things like "I do this job for fun" and "Men are all beautiful in their own unique way". (Notice how no full service providers are seeing any of these uniquely beautiful men without cash?)

I don't have an anon account. I'm all me. What you see is what you get. I'm not disturbed by your body odor, body shape, benign skin conditions, how much hair you have on your head or your body, your height, weight, disability, ethnicity (sorry to have to put that in this list as if it's the same, but there are a lot of racist SWers out there), nothing. A real massage therapist isn't judgmental about the body in any way. I've actually been accused of being "bitter" because I choose to not lie about this stuff on "main" and, as an honest person, I can honestly say your appearance is neither a perk nor a liability. I treat everyone with the same level of respect and dignity, just like the therapists at Massage Envy or your doctor would. If that's "bitter" and "malignant whore" isn't we really have crossed fully into the upside down.

So if you'd like to see someone who isn't blowing smoke up your ass but also not gossiping with friends, in a chat room, or on a "vent" account about your body, I'd love to give you what I advertise, and not what you think you can push me into, an unnatural place where my skin would be crawling with revulsion and my mind teeming with resentment. I prefer to actually like being with you, if that's all the same. This is why clients say meeting me for the first time felt so comfortable it was like meeting an old friend. Honesty feels like honesty. Flattery feels like flattery. Your subconscious knows the difference even if you don't.

Please don't make me hate a job I try so hard to genuinely love. Let me like you. I'm trying to actually genuinely like you.


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