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Hey girl

Does this turn you on? Does it make you wet? Can we get on the table together? Can we get on the bed together? Can we shower together? Can I touch the part of your body you clearly established from the very start (and then repeatedly re-established, even creating and drawing multiple cartoons and diagrams for a page called "Original Art" I didn't bother to click on) isn't on offer? How about if I try to touch it 5 more times? Maybe I can sneak up on it from the front since you keep swiveling away and moving my hand repeatedly and saying "NO" (why are you pressed against the massage table so I can't reach it girl don't you want this good loving)? Can I just stay on the outside? How about just edge really close to it? Maybe if you move or stand in any way other than unnaturally and defensively I just grab it? Can I lick it? Can you lick me? I'm just so guilty because I'm a giver. I'm really good with my tongue. I'm really good with my penis. Can we fuck? How about make love? What do you mean you're celibate? Don't you miss it? Are you sure? How about next time? That was ok what we did last time, but this time can we do a little more? Can we kiss? How about more than kiss? What turns you on? Should I sit up and start reaching? Dry hump? Stick my fingers in your mouth? Start pulling your hair and slapping your ass as if this is mutual instead of me receiving as advertised? Rub massage oil covered hands on your face? How about I just start licking your hip without asking? Why don't more CMTs offer FBSM?


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