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What is it with me and stalkers?

Apparently one of you is this psycho:

Of course my pinned tweet says in plain unvarnished English ***if you send me 150 bucks*** you're subscribing to my private subscription account. But somehow something got lost in translation and "follow your blog for free" served as a replacement for "send me 150 bucks" in his mind. Because who needs money to survive, lol, certainly not you and literally everyone else on the planet. I'm running a passion project here.

End result this, times two (the second time after I explained on top of my pinned tweet already being self-explanatory):

No money. Cool. I'll just eat tree bark while I take daily pics and videos to further "intrigue" him.


His tweet tab: All me!

Who he follows: Just a bunch of celebrities... and little ole me!!

Well, maybe he at least "liked" some other things?


This isn't a compliment. This is fucking creepy, you creep.

I literally have PTSD and still have my life upended by... a stalker!! That's how everything that happened to me happened, a FUCKING STALKER. So ya know what really really REALLY turns me on? Being FUCKING STALKED SOME MORE.

Setting aside how utterly creepy this all is, if you were SO "intrigued" and singularly enamored with me, it's beyond wild that you can't spare 150 bucks, you weird shadowy skin suit wearing creep.

Oh and if you were someone I legitimately knew (I don't believe for a minute based on current evidence that you are), maybe try FUCKING SAYING SO, instead of replying to my tweets with creeper bullshit and at one point just the letter A (wtf). People are always less creeped out by accounts that have actual bios and avatars and background pics and other interests than they are by @hotnhorny580937, especially when the timeline is nothing but a stalker shrine with monosyllabic creep replies. (And yes, per your last page-cluttering reply guy nonsense, it's "only 15 seconds" because it's an AD for the thing you're supposed to PAY for. Literally how ads work.)


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