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"You're obviously hiding something"

No matter how many times I say yes, I absolutely am hiding something, my sensitive info from a stalker/LE, I still get this:

Guys simply refuse to believe that "compliments" scrawled onto a digital dirty toilet stall wall of a site that has "streetwalker reports" where men have discussions about how to bareback for 40 dollars then use hand sanitizer on their junk after the fact as STI "protection" aren't something most SWers want. They simply refuse to believe that steering that mob to my door (where they end up manically grasping and behaving rapey and erratically only to go back and express their displeasure that I didn't really give up FS despite everything I've said) isn't something I want.

This, for the record, is what I'm "hiding from" (my old URLs are redacted, the URLs I keep having to abandon precisely because of these "reports"):

Also when I say I had 60 reviews on TER before I finally got tired of being coerced there as well, I'm actually underestimating how many reviews I had, as I had 7 pages before pulling the plug, with 10 per page. This was a year or so before I called it quits:

I'm tired of the word of the "panyninja"s and "privateemail9899"s of this world carrying more weight than my own words. If you'd never take directions from a woman, work for a female supervisor, vote for a female leader, etc, chances are what "panyninja" says about me really is more "legit" in your mind that what I've already assembled here as an overwhelming mountain of proof of who and how I am - and that's completely unsurprising. If you refuse to listen to women or believe women over completely anonymous board handles that's misogyny in its purest form, and I really don't want misogynists (synonymous with "hobbyists") as clients, even if you're calling yourself "IheartSWers" or "SuperNiceGuy" on social media. Actions speak louder than words, and I have eyes.

Also yes, I am a genius/expert in my field after all these years. Thanks for noticing.


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