What do I have to say to get you to ignore that I exist if you belong to this garbage website:

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"I can't find any info for her here."


Right. There's just no info on the internet about me. I'm clearly just some unknown and unvetted shadow making pssst sounds from a dark doorway. I obviously just spin a web of vague allusions here on my website, leaving everything up to interpretation. And I SAY I'm thoroughly vetted by RS-AVS, the oldest provider/client verification service in existence, but what does that count for really? Also I post screenshot after screenshot after screenshot of "thank you that was wonderful texts and emails AND RubRatings reviews RIGHT ON MY AD, but reviews don't mean anyth.....(oh, right).


Clearly I've left massive holes in my info, holes you have to fill with comments by anonymous dudes you don't know from Adam - but you imagine you know - because you both - anonymously - belong to a message board.

(Did you know that a TON of your "bros" on the boards are actually cops encouraging and reaping the bounty of the info you freely volunteer to them? True story!)



Wait: are you "just trying to help"? I've heard that one more than a few times. So you're helpfully trying to steer more guys to my door from the website widely regarded as the most misogynistic, abusive cesspool in the adult industry. This is "help". Got it. With friends like these, who needs the stalker I had to protect myself from for years?

I finally relent to allowing reviews on RubRatings, and boom, it's well she allowed an inch, whoo hoo boys, let's TAKE THAT MILE. No good deed ever goes unpunished.

RubRatings isn't a message board designed as all boards have been (since they were invented by Dave Elms, a man who after years of raping escorts at knifepoint under the threat of ruining their careers, finally paid a hit man to murder an escort then got arrested at the US/Mexico border with a trunk full of guns and drugs) to function as coercion and community pressure machines built to "bring providers in line" aka force providers to offer more (bare back sex is the explicit site-wide goal on USASG) for less (than it takes to provide an incall for you to come to, but hey maybe you CAN squeeze blood from a stone?)

Were you operating under the precious, ever popular delusion that boards are filled with fellow "gentlemen" because that word gets thrown around like it actually means something? No. Boards all sprang from the mind of an actual psychopath. They're a tool designed by a psychopath expressly to execute the activities of a psychopath, and they still exist to serve those very same goals, to scores of other men with similarly bankrupt souls (don't sit there thinking "not all men" if you "only read" boards - if you're truly nice stop enabling misogyinstic boards that put providers at needless risk by giving them clicks and letting them influence who you do and don't support).

RubRatings isn't any of that. It's simply an ad space... that allows a few reviews (until a provider decides to delete an ad or shut that feature off, sometimes even for a really serious reason that has nothing to do with "ripping you off", like she gets a stalker - **see above**). If that happens and she has no real internet footprint like I do, by all means skeptically sleuth away.  But in addition to my massive web presence I've clearly left the reviews feature on my ads turned ON on RubRatings, precisely so people like the jackass at the top CAN HAVE REVIEWS OF ME - THE VERY THING HE'S CLAIMING HE DOESN'T HAVE!!

Please leave me off of EVERY board where men who face no real physical or legal risk and who have no sense of caution or filter in how they speak just spill out whatever comes to mind about providers. If you expect discretion then strip me of any discretion I could have for myself, then I don't want you or anyone you know as a client. I don't want you to "have info for me on here", because I DON'T WANT TO BE ON THERE. I don't want anyone from your club, because I don't want any part of your club. If being slimed by the vilest website in the industry is the door price to your city, I don't want your city.


Discretion is a two way street.  Do you have a bad habit of expecting to receive it while never thinking you should extend it? Maybe examine that hypocrisy in yourself before you send screening info then toss me into a cesspool I want no part of.

And to the last two guys who've reached out to say "can't wait to see you next time you're here" while letting me know they're participating members in these threads? I appreciate the sentiment, but if you'd had a little faith in my actual words that I put online and the sterling reputation of Cathy at RS-AVS that she's consistently built over decades instead of some off the cuff comments on a site full of anonymous scumbags, you could have simply scheduled a zero risk massage appointment with me using an actual sense of discretion and privacy and as a larger physically more powerful man retained the ability to easily walk out sans losing a dime if somehow disappointed (I'm a 5'4" woman - the idea that I'm going to beat you up and take your lunch money is preposterous, and no you don't need to ask some anon board dude if I'm "working with a pimp" - like there'd be a pimp involved with a mature woman who "only" - your word, not mine - offers massage ffs). If you'd listened to me telling you about me, the person by far most qualified to tell you about me, I wouldn't be crossing your city off my travel list.