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Sensual massage in Albuquerque FBSM in Albuquerque

Please don't add me to review sites.

Don't ask "hey does anybody know anything about this person" on review site forums and start a thread.

Don't answer "yes I saw her and it was great - here are the details".

Don't post my phone number or email I trust you with anywhere - I assure clients for discretion's sake that if anyone like their significant other or boss ever sees our correspondence (never through any fault of mine) that my contact info will not be found anywhere on the internet.  My contact info is given only to people I'll see who are in the "circle of trust".  Please don't break that circle as you'll end up hurting, not helping, other clients.

FBSM isn't that complicated.  There are very few moving parts.  If you can't tell I'm not running a "sting" by my RS-AVS verification or the way I won't talk about details... or that I have current pics by how I'm pic verified by two unrelated ad sites and my pics have dated watermarks so they're not someone else or out of date, or how I often hold up handwritten signs showing the (recent) date in my pics and videos... or that I'm good at what I do by my presentation and confidence... I really can't see how a "review" from some random screen name on the internet who you don't know any more than me is going to help you with your decision (side note: sites with embedded "reviews" are being used to manipulate the public with "reviews" written by the providers themselves - not all, but you won't know which are and which aren't). 


But if you absolutely must have reviews please add them to my ads on RubRatings and not on a "community" review site (like Eccie, USASG, EM, TOB, TNA, etc etc etc).  I simply don't want to be thrown into the misogyny on sites with "super reviewers" who because (they think) they've "seen it all" cynically lump "the girls" in as "all the same" and a whole overriding format that's ultimately designed to punish providers for not offering bareback full service.  If you review me on RubRatings PLEASE resist the urge to say ANYTHING except whether or not I was attractive, the massage was good (just that vaguely please), the location was nice, etc.  Please please PLEASE do not add "finish" or "delicious" or any other completely unnecessary fantasy BS.  A g-rated review along with my pics and description of what I do is more than enough for anyone to know what's going on without you throwing me under the bus trying to write a Penthouse Forum submission.




That being said, here are some of the many unsolicited "that was great thank you can't wait to see you again" notes I get regularly.  I don't have it in me to fake things like this, and I've screenshot them rather than simply copied and pasted the words, so you can see they're authentic.  I barely have time to do all the cross country driving and scheduling I already do, so there's no chance I found the time to mock up all of this.