You know what's easier and less time consuming than pointless interaction spanning months ultimately culminating in desperately ludicrous self-contradictory excuses for not reading my website? 




(For literal years I've begged guys not to write with "when are you coming back" because country-wide travel is exhausting and consuming and I just do not know.  Please note how despite this I'm still nice about him doing so.)


Now see if you can tell where it goes sideways...


(RE time stamps:  we were in different time zones, so he asked for my website first, I replied with the website, then he replied to that with the very question half my website is all about saying DON'T ASK.)


In just a few minutes Tim will reply to let me know this was me "replying in the bitchiest way possible" - with a single "WTF" and screenshots of the parts of my site he blatantly ignored.  Wait for it.


(In just a few minutes Tim will also be inexplicably claiming he hasn't laid eyes on my website "since October".)


So to recap: Tim, a man who wrote *twice* to ask me to come back to Nashville, needs me to know I'm not the "only one in town that provides this type of service".  And even though I loosely based plans to include Nashville again briefly in my travels (long before I'd normally return) BECAUSE HE WROTE ME, he needs me to know I'm actually a loser because I'm "in Nashville a whole day".  He also needs to continue to discuss the very thing I've now repeatedly asked him to stop referencing by calling himself a "paying" customer.  And he really really needs to see himself as a "customer" in some real capacity, when in fact he's just an entitled asshole wasting my time.

But wait!  He's not done.


"When you said 'y'all' I thought who does she mean, the human race?"


No Tim, I meant time wasters.  Time wasters, like yourself.

And people are rejected in a variety of capacities all the time.  Sales people have their sales pitches rejected routinely.  Job applicants are rejected.  Book submissions are rejected by publishers and pilots by networks.  When I say "I've blacklisted you for doing the thing I asked you not to" after you've written me on the monthly to ask me to come back, yes, that is by dictionary definitions a rejection.  Especially when a woman says "no" to hoped-for sexytime, personal or professional.  Men react the same regardless.


Tim has since sent even MORE replies, to let me know that "in his business" things are done such and such a way.

Pro tip:  adult providers who operate without legal protection in a shadow industry in which we're frequently murdered then nobody investigates our deaths because nobody cares REALLY don't want to hear about "how things are done in your business".  There is ZERO correlation to the Tootsie rolls on Sharon's desk potted plant office you work in and the gritty fight for survival that is the adult industry.  NONE.

Tim went on to let me know everyone should "please" their "customers".

I had actually planned to visit Nashville because Tim repeatedly begged me to (so it's blackly hilarious he ended up trying to insult me over a special visit I'd planned to make for him).  That means hours of driving, hundreds of dollars, and an investment of time, the one commodity you can never get back.  But that wasn't "pleasing" enough.  I just gotta figure out how I can "please" more.  Maybe take some geisha classes?  Ugh I hate that I'm not "pleasing" sufficiently while living an exhausted life on the road catering to other people all day every day but never getting to pamper myself.  Maybe I can come back in the next lifetime and do more "pleasing" for everybody but myself to make up for an insufficient amount of "pleasing" now.  Bad massage therapist!  Not doormat enough!  Bad!

At some point one has to ask the question: is this one of those women are expected to smile constantly and be meek and apologetic while guys get to frown and be visibly angry whenever they want kind of deals?  Spoiler alert:  yes, yes it is.  It's exactly that.  i'm not painting on a fake saccharine vaseline beauty pageant smile no matter what anybody does.  My smiles are frequent and GENUINE.  "Genuine" means if you're being an ass, I'm not smiling.  If you get the impression from THIS website of all places that I'm a giggly tittering wallflower mouse of a wet behind the ears pushover who doesn't have a state of the art BS detector, you genuinely need your head examined.  Enough with the "you've revealed your true personality" petulant horseshit when I'm pissed JUST LIKE I REPEATEDLY LET YOU KNOW I WILL BE if you didn't read my site.  My personality is RIGHT HERE.  I literally go out of my way to THROW IT IN EVERYONE'S FACE on EVERY page of this website.  If you read it, you get a feel for it.  If you don't read it, then pretend you "missed" stuff while fake "reading", you're going to project an image on me that isn't accurate.  READ MY WEBSITE.  Looking at tittie pics isn't reading.  READ the WORDS.

I'm extremely popular with guys I SEE.  Guys I actually see actually READ MY INFO.  You definitely won't read flattering things about me from guys I've said "no" to, because in order to get "no" you have to ignore my info and bring up subjects I repeatedly say not to bring up.  I will actually go out of my way to make sure guys who ignore my info take away an unpleasant taste in their mouth so they won't waste my time again in the future.  This isn't unique to me.  A great many providers do the same thing.  Who you will hear flattering things from?  Guys who've respected me enough to read my site, because I go OVER scheduled time with actual clients.  I don't get mad about things other "nice" providers get routinely mad about with real clients.  I actually DO go above and beyond for the guys I SEE.  THAT'S who I'm "pleasing".  I'm "pleasing" guys I can actually BOOK all day long.  So who do you want to be?  My RubRatings reviews are real.  My screenshots of "thank you that was amazing" emails are real.  The "she's so sweet in person" comments are genuine.  The many reviews that say "she puts you at ease like meeting an old friend"?  They're because friends don't blow smoke up each other's asses, and neither will I.  If you want people to pretend "like" you then you must like engagement that feels fake, and that's not my forte and never will be.  Maybe you can go to an AMP and imagine everyone is saying flattering things about you in another language or imagine providers you routinely act entitled with are flattering you in private DM groups, or that waiters are whispering "what a great guy" behind the scenes and definitely not spitting in your food while you act entitled at your table.  Maybe you even think every woman you ever slept with had a screaming orgasm every time.  I don't fake.  I don't fake reviews, I don't fake pics, I don't fake promises.  I don't fake warmth.  I don't fake compliments.  I'm already "pleasing" guys who matter.  Read my info, and I'll "please" you half to death too.  Don't read my info?  Then I owe you nothing.


I'm not in the business of begging "me me pick me" to pull you away from other providers.  I'm in the business of telling you I'm one of the only FBSM providers in an entire country (that I've visited most of, getting feedback as to just this) who isn't full of shit.  You're not doing me a favor if you believe me.  You're doing yourself a favor.  It's your time to waste getting bad and fake "massage" elsewhere.  This website is NOT a sales pitch.  It's information.  If you make the decision to see me, it's to help you make an informed decision.  That's why this site is here.  Please READ the INFORMATION.  This is not a web of seduction spun around your head before someone else's "hey sailor" style website grabs your miniscule attention span instead.  I'm not grasping or grabbing or fighting other providers in some virtual "pick me" hair pulling catfight.  I'm simply here if you thoughtfully decide you've already wasted time on the alternatives and now you want a real massage for a change.  If you decide you do, read my info before you write.  I get that my whole approach is unique.  Why, it's almost like I AM unique.  By every measure.  Funny how that works.

It isn't "an honest mistake" if you don't read my info.

It isn't a "misunderstanding" if you don't read my info

You just simply CONSCIOUSLY CHOSE to rush through my site despite every page **FLASHING** text at the very top that says HEY, BUDDY, ACTUALLY READ THIS WEBSITE.

Whether or not you take the time to truly, thoughtfully, SLOWLY read my website is a filter.  I'm not filtering like "VIP" escorts by charging $800 an hour to supposedly price out idiocy.  First, I only offer FBSM, so the ceiling doesn't go high enough for that approach, and second I don't think respect has a monetary value.  I think middle class guys can be respectful while upper class guys can be entitled jerks, and vice versa.  I'm filtering by ensuring you're thoughtful and respectful enough to actually read my info.  That's it.  That's all.  I can tell when you didn't read it, and I don't believe the tired, unoriginal excuses for not reading it.  It costs you nothing but a small amount of time. 


It shows you're not conflating me with "the other girls in town" like this moron but see me as a unique individual who actually offers a real service, not a misleading promise of one like the same empty promises that yes, you can of course find on thousands of other ads as this braintrust pointed out, but like anyone who's had more than a handful of FBSM appointments knows, FBSM will almost never be delivered as advertised.  Don't regale me with what "the other girls" are offering in ads.  Seriously?  The ads?  The same ads full of stolen pics and lowball "entry" prices and escorts who say "rub" but never intend to do anything except maybe wipe baby oil on your back with dishrag limp hands for 5 minutes then push their escort menu and you out the door after 10 more minutes?  I can see the other ads.  I don't need you to explain my own industry to me, including the other ads, whether other providers are screening, undercutting, upselling, using fake pics, etc.  And I'm here to tell you that ads, just like campaign promises, mean next to nothing.  Why write month after month to ask me to visit if what you've ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED IN APPOINTMENTS is so good you don't need anybody new?  If the selection besides me is so good, just keep seeing the people in that selection, and I'll visit other cities.  That's definitely not a problem for me.  Especially if like Tim you're in the most expensive city for hotel rooms in the entire country now...  and with my severely limited resources I was still planning a visit around you where I, not you, paid for the overhead.  Do the least, for god's sake.

Don't contact me if you pretend to respect women and/or adult providers but are one tiny ego bruise (like claiming "WTF" is "the bitchiest possible way" to respond to yet another guy not bothering to read my info) away from screaming OH YEAH WELL YOU'RE AN UGLY WHORE AND I WOULDN'T HAVE WANTED TO SEE YOU ANYWAY (I got all the slut/whore/bitch/cunt slurs thrown out a few times by other charmers just this past week just for wearily saying "thanks for reading my site" /s).  Please spare me the completely unoriginal angry toddler reaction to screwing up us being able to schedule by not having simply read my website.  It's so simple.  No, you don't have to "fly me to you" covering all expenses.  No, you don't have to send a deposit.  No, you don't have to provide LAYERS of screening info (I check one thing).  What do you need to do?  Pretty simple.