I'm fully vetted on RS-AVS, a verification site that was in existence long before P411 or Date-Check (RIP) but unlike P411 is run by an actually nice person who people universally like (search for her on social media and you'll see providers and clients only singing her praises).  She pioneered the provider/client verification concept that sites like P411 later copied, and unlike P411 she actually thoroughly screens both providers and clients - so your safety is already legitimately assured.  Vetting me is done.  It's already taken care of.  Spend a little time investigating why RS-AVS is a company with an impeccable history and less time asking "bros" you think you know but don't beyond their board handles about me, and you might find yourself elevating your own standards to expect other providers to also be vetted by a well respected, longstanding verification company instead of dragging me down refusing to screen for my safety because "the other girls" are hit and run 3 sentence classified ads.

RS-AVS has been popular in the Chicago area for many years, unlike P411 isn't stripping down the site or threatening to retire, and the owner has been interacting more and more with the online community as a whole, even doing podcasts.  If you check her Twitter and Switter accounts she's usually even offering a free mailing list for non-members.

Oh and I'm also pic verified on two different sites:

"You're not still on P411"

No, after 9 1/2 years on P411 I reached an impasse with the owner that has nothing to do with my legitimacy and everything to do with policies that overcomplicate and make no sense (in my case we disagreed for a solid decade about forcing providers to show a world of unvetted non-members our emails and phone numbers on what is supposed to be a member-based web site, leading not only to constant uninformed inquiries by faceless unknown strangers but my contact info I promise clients is private getting scraped and put on creepy secondary sites).  If you've followed providers at all on social media you already know a lot of reputable providers end up parting ways with P411 for various reasons: