Before asking a woman to walk through the hotel you're in carrying a massage table, please stop and consider those optics.  Massage tables are much bigger than a purse.  Literally everyone knows a massage table is a massage table on sight.

Many hotels have a contract only with specific massage therapists, and it being a world with a sexual double standard, even a conservatively dressed woman coming to give you FBSM is going to trigger the kind of curiosity we all need to avoid.

Coming through the back door of your hotel that you hold open won't be any better as hotels have cameras on ALL doors. 

Besides the optics there's a much higher risk of specific kinds of trouble when providers do outcalls to hotels that I'm choosing to skip worrying about entirely.

If you're in town for the night I welcome you to drive or ride share to my location, where I'll have my table set up and waiting for you. 


There's no workaround for this.  I don't offer outcalls to hotels under any circumstances, so thanks for not asking.